The Detroit Tigers threw the best they have at the San Francisco Giants in game one of the 2012 world series. Justin Verlander did not get the job done. Verlander as we have come to know him didn’t even show up. Perhaps there has been too much made out of who Verlander is dating. eading up to the game everyone was writing about the fact that Verlander is dating Kate Upton, Verlander could have been distracted. The fact is Justin Verlander one of the most dominating pitchers in the American league wasn’t very dominating at all in game one.

Jim Leyland thought he had a rock solid plan to take game one when he named Justin Verlander as the starter to open the 2012 world series, this is by far the biggest game of Verlander’s career and he messed it up. Verlander the guy who usually gets stronger as the game goes on only pitched 4 innings in game one. He gave up 6 his and 5 earned runs including 2 home runs to Pablo Sandoval who hit three home runs in the game.

Justin Verlander threw 96 pitches in the 4 innings he works, 64 of those were for strikes. The Giants look to be just as hungry for a world series win as the Tigers do. Jim Leyland has to find a way to shut this Giant offensive attack down. If Verlander had problems doing it how is the rest of the Tigers pitching staff going to fair? They don’t get much better than Justin Verlander and we all saw how the Giants had their way with him in game one. When this Giant team gets their offense going they are hard to shut done.

The Tigers tried to mount a comeback scoring 2 runs in the ninth but it was a little too late to over come a 7 run deficit and the Detroit Tigers went on to loss 8-3 to the red-hot San Francisco Giants. The Detroit Tigers have to get their offense going earlier in the next game and they have to find a way to shut down the Giants, otherwise this will be a very short World Series for Jim Leyland and his Detroit Tigers.

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