Russell Westbrook showed signs of some serious emotions in the game against the Grizzlies. It looked like Westbrook felt his teammates could have done more to help him. Just think how mad Westbrook would have been if the Thunder didn’t beat the Memphis Grizzlies. The Thunder won the game 106-89, you would think the way that Westbrook reacted the game was close. Westbrook is a great player but he may have to find a way to control his emotions. Even the head coach Scott Brooks said; “We’re an emotional group. Our guys are always playing with a competitive spirit. That’s what makes us a competitive team for the last three or four years” .

Westbrook didn’t feel bad at all after the game, he went back in and played in the fourth quarter after an 8 minute rest. When Westbrook was asked about his outbreak in the game he said, “I’ll control it like a man,” he said. “Like I did.” Wow, he has his own way of doing things and maybe he uses these outbreaks to inspire his team. What ever the thunder are doing they are doing it right. They are 35-11 on the season and it looks like they are going to win a few more before the season is over the way they are controlling the games.


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