There is an old saying in baseball, you win 50, you lose 50, it’s what you do with the rest of the games that determines your destiny. The Texas Rangers are on their way, they have won fifty games and we aren’t even at the All-Star break yet. The Rangers have been the best team in baseball since the 2012 season started. Texas has a 6 game lead over the L.A. Angles in the American League west and are now on a five game winning streak.

Texas is the only team in Major League baseball with fifty wins, the next runner-up is the New York Yankees who have 48 wins. At the time of this article the Rangers were just starting to play the Oakland A’s, the Rangers could very easily have 51 wins before this day is over. For the Rangers it is Yu Darvish who gets the start, Darvish is already at 8-6 on the season and we have a whole second have to go.

The Rangers have four guys in their line-up hitting over .300 and they don’t look as though they are going to slow down anytime soon. The Rangers could be one team that doesn’t want to see the All-Star break come. They have some serous momentum this season and they certainly are having a great time winning all those games.

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