I think it’s high time RW quit bull-cooking around with his two center fielders regarding his vague, fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants approach to playing time for Craig Gentry and Leonys Martin. It’s high time Washington made up his mind as to which of his two outfielders brings more to the table talent and effort wise and simply give THAT player the bulk of the starts in center field.

For my money, the answer to that riddle is Leonys Martin. He has a far better throwing arm than his counterpart, has similar speed, and has more upside as a power or gap hitter than Craig Gentry.  Also Leonys, at 23, is  six years  younger than Gentry.


But I’m not going to hold my breath waiting for Ron Washington to take a short-term risk and actually EVALUATE each player by giving one or the other a long term look. Washington prefers to take the path of least resistance and platoon both of them on a “gut feel” basis the day of the game rather than playing percentages based on a tight lefty\righty pitcher match up.

With Washington’s approach he won’t get the best out of either player. Each time Leonys has a nice game and settles into a bit of a rhythm offensively and in the field, Washington sits him down. He did the same thing with Mitch Moreland—who should be much further along than he is, in my opinion, and all he’s doing with his timid approach is pissing TWO players off instead of one.


If Washington insists on taking the lazy way out, what will eventually happen is that one of the two players (probably Martin) will walk at the earliest free agent opportunity. Then afterwards he’ll land on a club whose manager is willing to give him a full chance to prove himself. Then, so help me Chris Davis (who, as I said a thousand times, the Rangers should NEVER have gotten rid of), Martin will thrive, and probably in a big way


Just Sayin’


Santa Monica

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