This club’s record is fool’s gold. Their brainless trust has made a series of stupid personnel moves which will culminate in many more games a like the one we just witnessed last night as the season progresses. There is no way on earth Texas’ offense can compensate for the 230(+) RBI’s that they surrendered by not keeping Josh Hamilton and CHRIS DAVIS, who, if you’ll recall, I told EVERYONE they should NOT give up on prior to trading him to Baltimore.

Now, despite missing six games, Chris has 11 home-runs and 37 runs batted in for a manager (Buck Schowalter) who evidently felt that Davis really IS a prototypical everyday first baseman–unlike Chris’ former manager Ron Clueless Washington. And for those of you out there who said “GOOD RIDDANCE” to Josh Hamilton,  please don’t come back with “Look how poorly he’s doing in an Angel uniform”.

For one thing, based on history, that trend doesn’t figure to continue. And for another, the variables in the equation are different. With the players Josh was familiar with playing in Arlington it’s quite reasonable to assume that given the same lineup he’d approximate the 40 homer, 120 RBI production that he’d always given us in the past in due time…And over time he figures to produce similarly for his new team


Good luck scoring enough runs to compensate for a depleted pitching staff, Ron. Alexi Ogando is nothing more than a long reliever in my book, which explains why he always struggles to make it through six innings as a starter. And while I think Tepesch is going to be a good front-of-the-rotation guy at some point, Grimm is indeed THAT–very GRIM at getting the ball over the plate and getting out of jams.

This club will wear down over the course of the season, in my opinion, as injuries inevitably catch up with Berkman , Pierzynski and, perhaps Beltre and Cruz as well. We’ve seen it before. Only back then, this was a deeper offensive club so we could weather the storms more capably…

 Written by Clifford, Santa Monica.

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