As I’ve said all along, the Rangers’ gaudy early season record–like last year’s–is nothing more than fool’s gold. Only this year their early successes are even more illusory since they’re not as deep offensively as they were in 2012 when they still had Josh Hamilton, Mike Young and Mike Napoli on their roster. Add to that the fact that they NEVER should have gotten rid of Chris Davis as I also said over and over again–since he’s a hitter who had 45 home-runs written all over him had their wooden headed coach  stuck with him. Buck Schowalter was wiser than RW, as it turned out. They could easily have left Chris at first, put Moreland in left instead of over-rated pip-squeak hitter Dave Murphy who doesn’t have the same impact-hitter potential that Mitch does.


This club is old and thin. Pierzynski and Berkman are having “decent” seasons, but both are long past their primes and can’t be expected to continue being productive . Like Beltre, Cruz  (and now Moreland), they’re susceptible to injuries–particularly hamstring tears–which will make the Rangers’ lack of depth even more obvious as time goes along.


To me, the best thing that can happen to the Rangers is an extended losing streak so higher ups can finally remove their rose-tinted glasses and see this club for what it is: a second-division team with no reliable starting pitchers outside of Yu Darvish backed up by an offense which will always blow hot and cold-because it relies on Dave Murphy, AJ Pierzynski and Berkman to produce while they keep their fingers crossed that Kinsler, Beltre and Cruz can stay off the DL–and Cruz from baseball’s DQ list if the ongoing investigation implicates him as a PED userl…


Good Luck Texas; I’m afraid you’re going to need it…



Santa Monica



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