Who said they don’t play hard in the pro bowl? Don’t tell J.J. Watt that, he stood on the sidelines with blood pouring out of his hand. It looked like he almost had a finger ripped off as he sent a clear message to the NFL Commissionaire telling him they work hard at the pro bowl. Watt seems to play hard no matter what game he is playing in, I’m sure Watt would have rather played in the Super Bowl rather than the 2013 pro bowl but no matter what you say, you can’t say these guys aren’t working hard at the Pro Bowl.

Roger Goodell should have the message from Watt. When you see a guy with blood splattered all over his uniform and face, you can’t say these guys aren’t giving it their all. Goodell sent the message that if he didn’t get a good effort he would cancel future pro bowl. This is another reason Goodell has no business running the NFL. Goodell probably never gave an effort like these guys do. Watt is just one example of how much a player puts into the game. What more does Goodell Want?


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