Joe Maddon must have tried to confuse the Red Sox Hitters in game 4. He used 9 pitchers in the game and none of them pitched more than 2 innings. He must have thought he didn’t want the Red Sox line up to get used to one pitcher.

The Tampa Bay Rays couldn’t get their offense going against the Red Sox. They got 6 hits and only produced one run. The Rays were out matched in this series, they quickly found out they weren’t facing the Rangers or the Indians.

Boston was going to let the Rays take this series and it was apparent when the first game started. The Red Sox were the better team, and it showed. Maddon used a lot of smoke and mirrors to get his team this far, but we knew they were going to fall short.

The Rays best hitter, Evan Longoria couldn’t get a hit in the game and he went 0-4.  With out Longoria producing anything offensively, the Rays have very little. It showed as the Rays fell short of their goal.

They can’t compete with a team like Boston and they knew it and it showed by the way Maddon was trying to pull some magic out of his hat. They had a good season but it is over now.


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