It is still unclear whether Ben Roethlisberger will be the Steelers starting quarterback when the Steelers take on the first place AFC North Baltimore Ravens. It is clear with out Big Ben the Pittsburgh Steelers are left without a quarterback to effectively get the ball to Burress. If Roehtlisberger can’t go the Steelers season may come to an end Sunday if they can’t figure out a way to beat the Ravenes. The Pittsburgh Steelers need Roethlisberger to play in this game. With a record of 6-5 time is running out for the Steelers to get a play-off berth.

Roethlisberger suffered a tremendous injury against the Chiefs. To come back to soon may be of little help to the Steelers. To not play against the Baltimore Ravens in this game the Stelers may have no chance without Ben. Burress is a guy that can run all the routes and make all the catches if someone can get him the football. We saw the troubles the Steelers are having last week in the ball delivery department. If Roehtlisberger cann play even at 50% he is better than what the Steelers put on the field last week.

I would rather see a 50% Ben Roethlisberger in the game against the Ravens than a repeat performance of last weeks loss from the Steelers. Roethlisberger has been throwing the ball at practice. It isn’t clear if Big Ben is ready to play, it could come down to a game time decision. If he can’t play the Pittsburgh Steelers season may be over. Burress will be of little impact without a quarterback than can deliver to football to him.





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