How many times have we seen Peyton Manning need only one more win to find his way into the Super Bowl? Here we are again, Manning set up to do battle with New England Patriots Tom Brady.

Throughout the years Brady has owned Manning. This season we saw Manning lose again to the Patriots in the regular season. It was a helpless feeling for Manning as he stood on the side lines and watched as his Broncos make a mistake that would enable the Patriots to win.

This time, it is the AFC Championship game. Sunday we will watch two of the greatest NFL quarterbacks battle in a game they both want to win to go to the Super Bowl.

Manning is 37-years-old and Brady is 36-years-old. There isn’t going to be many more opportunities to see these veterans do battle to find their way into the Super Bowl.

Both men are in the lats stages of their career and they are without a doubt 2 of the best quarterbacks to play the game. Both men will find their way into the Pro Football Hall of fame, once their careers come to an end.

Manning has had a record-setting season and he is going to need some help from his Broncos defense in this game. Brady has a way of picking the defenses apart, and he is one of the best in finding a way to win.

The Broncos defense has to stay sharp and they have to help their quarterback in this game. Manning wants this win more so than any of the others in his career. Time stands still for no one, not even Peyton Manning. This is going to be a great football game and we couldn’t have scripted it any better.

Can Peyton Manning beat Tom Brady? We are going to find out Sunday…




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