Kyle Lohse pitched terrible in a game that counted for more than any other game he ever pitched in his professional career. Lohse needed this win to give his St. Louis Cardinals a berth into the 2012 World Series. Lohse gave up 5 runs on 6 hits to watch his Cardinals fall to the Giants 9-0 in-game 7. The Cardinals choked, pure and simple it is one of the worst chokes in the history of the team. The World Series berth was well within the reach of the Cardinals, they should have  been able to beat the Giants to find their way back to the World Series.

The Cardinals played some good baseball at the end of this season when it counted, they just couldn’t find the win they needed to get to the big show. Lohse’s performance didn’t help the cause and now the Cardinals can go home and watch the World Series on TV with the rest of us. The Cardinals lost in 7 games and were beat 9-0 by the Giants. Perhaps the Cardinals had no right to go to the world series if they couldn’t score one run in a game that really was for all the marbles.

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