The Seattle Seahawks defense took advantage of Aaron Rodgers in a game when they sacked him 8 times for 39 yards, Chris Clemons played like a man on a mission and his mission help Seattle to their Second win of the season. Yes the Seahawks unloaded on Rodgers and his Green Bay Packers and through great efforts by Clemons and Brandon Mebane they showed the Packers they were a force not to be taken lightly. The Seahawks gave the packers trouble throughout all 4 quarters of the game. Clemons got to Rodgers to register 4 sacks and Mebane sacked the MVP 2 times.  Then the Seattle linebacker Bruce Irvin threw in 2 more sacks of his own. The Green Bay Packers offensive line looked over-matched in the game all night long.

The Seahawks offense was able to put just enough points on the board to win by 2 points. If you were looking for an offensive shoot out you didn’t get it in this game. Seattle’s rookie quarterback Russell Wilson who has played like a veteran at time this season was able to put two touchdowns on the scoreboard. He threw for only 130 yards completing just 10 of his 21 attempts, his 2 touchdowns out shinned his counterpart Aaron Rodgers who couldn’t put a touchdown pass up in this game largely due to the efforts of the Seattle Seahawks defense who may have bent at times but would not break.

This Seahawks team needs to be taken seriously, they beat the Packers 14-12 and the Cowboys last week. The Seattle Defense is ranked 4th in the NFL in total team defense and they fall to 10th in passing yards. They really stop the run well and jump to number 2 against the rush. When it comes to sacks there is no better team in the NFL currently, the Seahawks defense in ranked number one in sacks in the NFL.

If the quarterback can’t stay on his feet, they can’t complete the pass. The Seahawks know that better than anyone else this season and they are on a mission to show the world just how great this defense can be. If the Seahawks can continue to lay the way they have been, it is going to be a very exciting season for Seahawks fans. Now people are trying to blame the Packers loss on a bad call by the replacement officials. I say when a defense plays as well as the Seahawks did last night, things can go your way. The Seahawks defense played a great game and people need to realize that, it was their play that won this game, not a bad call by the officials……….

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  1. SUE


  2. Tyler


    That’s ridiculous, the Packers ‘dominant’ offense played horrible throughout the entire game. The only touchdown they scored was from a bogus PI call on the Seahawks that kept their drive going. Bottom Line, there were bad calls all night on both sides, the Seahawks defense was outstanding, and we’re 3 games into the season. Hawks won, get over it and move on.

  3. EasternSeaBoard

    We all knew this was coming. Sooner or later the fake refs were going to blow a call that would change the outcome of a game. The silver lining is now a deal is in the works. It’s too bad GB got stuck with a loss. You can’t blame the Seahawks for the bad calls, just like you cant blame GB of the bad PI call on Cam Chancellor. It’s bad all around, I have talked to lots of Seattle fans, and they are saying the same thing. “It sucks the game ended that way”, “even if they (hawks) lost, i would still have considered it a good game by our defense”. Everyone settle down, and stop the hate.


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