Russell Wilson and his Seattle Seahawks almost have a day off this Sunday. They take on the Jacksonville Jaguars  who will surely make it possible for Seattle to move to 3-0 on the season.

What can the Jaguars do to stop the mighty offense of the Seahawks? Nothing, this is going to be one of the most lop-sided games in the NFL this season. To make matters worse the game i going to be played on the Seahawks home turf.

The Seahawks defense is going to have a field day destroying what ever offense the jaguars try to put on the field Sunday. Then there is the Seahawks offense, this is going to be too easy or is it?

Seattle has to guard against the team that come in at 0-2. Even though the Jaguars aren’t a very good football team, they could cause an injury to one of the Seahawks players. Other than that the Seahawks don’t have much to concern themselves with.

it is highly unlikely the Jaguars will give the Seahawks a hard time. This is one of the worse team’s in the NFL this season and the Seahawks should be able to have a high scoring game. Russell Wilson can use this opportunity to work on a few things to get ready for the play-offs.

This one is almost too easy.


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