The Seattle Mariners just placed a huge bet on the arm of Felix Hernandez. reports are saying they had to include an injury clause of some kind in a deal this big with a guy that may have an arm problem. Reports are saying the two sides have worked out the final language in the deal, which was announced by Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik on Tuesday. Those same reports are saying the contract has got to include special language that would protect the Mariners if Hernandez suffers a specific elbow injury.

Wow, that leaves a lot open for discussion. If Hernandez has any kind of arm injury one could argue it was because he already had minor damage in his elbow and it changed his mechanics. Hernandez did undergo a physical last Thursday and it wasn’t exactly clear what the examination revealed. Maybe, it was just normal wear and tear in his elbow. No one is coming forward with any kind of specifics.

Nonetheless, the Mariners are the proud owners of Felix Hernandez for the next 7 years. Good luck to the both of them.

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