There is little doubt about what is coming for Pete Carroll and his Seattle Seahawks this season. The team looked great in the preseason and they are ready to carry their perfection into the 2013 season.

Quarterback Russell Wilson will be great in his second year in the NFL. He learned a lot last season and he wasn’t satisfied with only one play off game. The Seahawks have their sight set on a Super Bowl.

The way the team is playing, they could make it happen if they stay healthy and avoid mistakes. Carroll has this team ready to take their division this season. They could go 12-4 the way they are playing. The team completely dominated the Raiders beating them 22-6 to end the preseason at 4-0.

Yes, we know it is only preseason and yes we know the Raiders aren’t a very good football team. The Seahawks are a good football team and Carroll has them on their way to greatness.

Once the season starts, Seahawks fans are going to have plenty to cheer about. Seattle takes on the Panthers in game one and I can’t see Carolina giving Wilson and company much of a problem.

After that they face the 49ers and this game could be a tough one. But if Seattle continues to play the way they played the preseason, they could surprise the 49ers. They need to bring it in game 2 and Carroll knows it.

I can see the team ending the 2013 season with 12 wins. They just need to play the kind of football they are playing now and they are play-off bound…..

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