The way the 4 games went for the Giants, it hardly looked fair for the Detroit Tigers. The Giants completely dominated the 2012 World Series and it was their rock solid pitching that was able to shut down the over paid line up of the Detroit Tigers for 4 games and complete the sweep. It was clear after the first 2 games the Tigers couldn’t compete with the Giants pitching staff. San Francisco completely controlled the games and the Tigers look like they were ready to run with their tail between their legs.

The Giants showed the world that good pitching could beat good hitting any-day. The Tigers never could find a way to challenge the Giants in any of the games they played.  The Giants played great all the way through the play-offs and into the World Series. The Giants looked like no team in baseball was going to stop them from claiming the top prize all teams play the game for. Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants, your 2012 World Series Champions. They deserved this win and they showed the world what a great team looks like.

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