The San Francisco 49ers found a great way to take the media focus from head coach Jim Harbaugh. The press has been a problem for the team, ever since it came out the Browns were trying to make a trade for the 49ers head coach.

So what does the 49ers brain trust do? They go out and traded for one of the most troublesome players in the NFL. The 49ers have brought in Jonathan Martin. Lets face it no player in the history of the NFL has drawn more media attention than Martin.

It started last season in training camp and didn’t end until after the independent report came out about bullying in the NFL. Now with Martin coming to the city by the bay, you can bet the Media will be fully focused on him. The 49ers locker room will draw the attention as well.

Why did the 49ers need this problem? They needed to get back to the business of football and get out of the media spotlight. That doesn’t look like that is going to happen now. When training start the media will invade the 49ers facility to get a story on Martin.

The 49ers may have to have closed practices in order to accomplish football goals. This is going to turn into a 3 ring circus, if the 49ers can’t find a way to put this story to rest. They better do it before training camp starts too. Other wise it is going to be difficult to focus on football…..

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