The San Francisco 49ers made the right choice in bringing in Colt McCoy to back up Kaepernick. Harbaugh knew he didn’t need trouble on the team and he did the right thing passing up Carson Palmer. McCoy brings in youth and he brings in plenty of heart to the 49ers.

Colt McCoy was one of the winning-est college quarterbacks in the history of college football. He never really had the chance to show what he could do in the NFL being a part of a bad Cleveland Browns team. The Browns never gave McCoy the weapons needed to compete in the NFL.

The kid was a sitting duck behind an offensive line that offered him very little protection. He did have a good group of receivers in Cleveland either and in 2011 the Browns didn’t have a good running game either.

McCoy brings something to the 49ers that a guy like Palmer lacks, he is a leader, he was the Browns union rep and he had the respect of all the players on the team he just left. Under the watchful eye of Jim Harbaugh I wouldn’t be shocked at all to see McCoy turn into a top NFL quarterback given the chance. He never played under a great head coach in Cleveland in the 4 years he was there.

The 49ers made the right choice with bringing McCoy to the west coast.


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