The New Orleans Saints are asking Line-Backer Jonathan Vilma to restructure his contract. Is that fair after he was suspended for the 2012 season? Vilma can’t seem to buy a break these past couple of seasons. If he does restructure his contract will the Saints give him the same respect he had before the Bounty-Gate suspension? Vilma is a good hard-hitting Line-Backer. He should be paid by the way he performs on the field and he shouldn’t be asked in our opinion to restructure his contract.

It has been a difficult time in his NFL career and it is going to be interesting to see how Vilma handles this contract issue. If he wants to stay in New Orleans and remain part of the Saints, he will help the team out with a new deal. If it is time to move on, then the Line-backer may not be so quick to take a new deal. There are other NFL teams that would love to have a guy like Vilma on their team.


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