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The first rule of rebuilding to me would be, “keep the best and dump the rest”. Of course with our long history of championship success the Jets are doing things differently. Trading Revis is not addition by subtraction, it is subtraction by stupidity. The idea was that we needed to dump him in order to use the picks to rebuild.

We only got a 1st and a 3rd. If we had kept Revis and let him walk at the end of the year (another equally stupid idea) we wouldn’t have gotten “nothing” for him, we would have gotten a compensatory 3rd round pick in next year’s draft. So all we got better than that by trading him is the extra 1st this year.

Now with these 2 picks for dealing Revis do I think we’ll get players that more than make up for loosing him? F&%k no!!!!!!!! It took us almost 50 years to draft someone as good as Revis the first time.

Why would I think Idzil (with no track record) will do better? Give him the benefit of the doubt because he’s new – why??? To take this job he knew Woody was going to make him keep Rex and dump Revis when common sense says you should do the exact opposite, so to me he’s already shown he’s a moron just by accepting the job.

And the idea floated by so many that Revis will be past his prime by the time we are really good again is dumb beyond belief. He’s only 27. Unless the knee never heals he’ll be an elite cover corner until he’s at least 32. If you’re telling me your rebuilding plan is going to outstrip THAT, it’s another reason I should fire you right now.

As for this year’s 2 first round picks, the Jets have many ways to go that will make me happy, depending on who’s available and who wants to trade up or down. But if we stay pat I would like the guard from Bama’ – Chance Warmack and the safety from LSU Eric Reed. Not the only way to go but that’s one I’d have a hard time poking holes in.


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  1. Gustav Flores

    I really think that you are a depressed idiot that always shouts when he does not get what he wants. Get a clue guy! The Jets did a good job with the first round selections and replacing Revis should not have been the main idea. Revis is a great player that wanted money more than help our team keep him on the roster. Revis talk should end there and just move on.


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