It doesn’t matter which strings Joe Maddon pulls or what schemes he and his coaching staff conjure up.

They aren’t going to win this Fall for one simple reason: The Red Sox are (much) better than the Rays are.

I love Maddon. I think he’s a good coach and motivator. But his teams enter every campaign with the same flaws each and every year: Not enough GOOD young players; not enough power, and no .300 hitters outside of Longoria when he can stay healthy—hardly a given from what we’ve seen.

The afore-mentioned shortcomings force Maddon to perform like Einstein with shifts and substitutions and strategies that resemble rearranging chairs on a ship that’s taking on water.

It’s not going to keep the ship from sinking because the ship itself is the problem.

And THAT’S the fault of owners who are either too cheap to do what’s necessary to field a championship contender or too stupid to take the right steps or both


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  1. USAfan22

    Perhaps we need to redesign all the MLB ships. Let’s institute a team salary cap of 100M and a floor of 70M. Make the penalties for being over so punitive that even the Federal government could not afford it, and you can not be under, because you will have to pay to get to the minimum whether it is in salaries or penalties. That way we add the skills of the skippers and the organization in the equation.

  2. Harry Ballsac

    Your an idiot Cliff.

    • sportsbaron1

      First, before you criticize someone, Einstein, you ought to learn how to spell (YOU’RE). Second, it’s customary to give credible reasons why you feel the way you do after criticizing someone’s viewpoint(s). If you’re unwilling or unable to do that, then do everyone a favor and shut the F**K up


      • LG

        I guess He told you Harry, now it is up to you to take some good advice.. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


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