Ray Lewis said this could be his last ride. I really don’t know if we should believe it or not. Lewis came into the Ravens first play-off game looking like a guy that could play for another 5 or 6 years. He was ready to perform at the usual Ray Lewis level and just him being there lifts the Ravens to a new high. With just 7 minutes left in the game, a quick look at the stats showed Lewis leading all Ravens in tackles with 12, 8 of those were solo tackles. The guy is one of the greatest Line-Backers of all time and will go into the NFL history books that way.

What Ray Lewis brings to the field each time he plays, can’t be taught.  Lewis brings the attitude only Ray Lewis can bring. His inspiration to the rest of the Baltimore Ravens defense is irreplaceable. When Lewis comes out of the tunnel it is like UN-caging a wild animal. If this is Lewis’s  last NFL season,  the Baltimore Ravens defense will never be the same.


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