Did the Baltimore Ravens spend too much money on their quarterback? Now they expect a guy like Anquan Boldin  to take a pay cut. Reports are surfacing throughout the media that say if Boldin doesn’t renegotiate his 6 million dollar base contract, the team will cut him come Tuesday. Maybe Flaccco should offer his teammate some cash to stick around at a lower rate.

After all it was with the help of Boldin that Flacco looked as good as he did in the Super Bowl.

The Ravens should have considered the spot they got themselves into when they made Flacco the highest paid player in the NFL. They need guys like Boldin if they expect to have the same kind of success in the NFL this season as they did last year.

The Baltimore Ravens are already going to be a different team this coming season. To mess with their quality players if not advisable. Baltimore has to re-figure their thinking. The great Ozzie Newsome knows they can’t win without key players like Boldin in place.

Somehow they better think of a way to keep Boldin happy otherwise the Ravens are going to have a very long season. Boldin was one of Flacco’s favorite targets during the post season and he played a huge role on third downs..

He won’t be an easy guy to replace. It almost seems like the Ravens are starting to cut their nose off to spite their face with the huge deal they gave Flacco.

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