There is never a dull moment when you have a guy like Terrell Suggs on your team. The focus this week should be on winning a Super bowl for the Ravens and Suggs decides to lighten the moment with a statement about having a gay player on the Ravens team. He talks about how loose the team stays in the locker room and how the Ravens like all the different personalities they have on their locker room already. All I can say is thank God the Meida days are over. Now the guys including Suggs can start to focus on the game coming up Sunday.

The Ravens are coming in as the underdogs and maybe this is their way of taking the spot light off the fact the 49ers are the favorite coming into Super Bowl 47. Who knows what Suggs motives are for the things he says. All that matters now is getting ready for the big game. For one Raven this is the end of the line.  Suggs better get his mind off the locker room and back onto the football field…..


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