The Baltimore Ravens didn’t open their season with a win. This week they take on the Cleveland Browns at home. If the Ravens watched the Browns play the Dolphins, they now know if they can pressure Weeden, they will force him to make mistakes.

If the Baltimore defense can get to Weeden early he will make mistakes. He is afraid to stand in the pocket under pressure. The Ravens defense needs to be up for this game. The Browns offense line isn’t doing a good job with protection.

The Ravens should blitz Weeden on every pass play. Then there is the Browns defense for Joe Flacco to take apart. They look good stopping the run, but the Browns have a very weak defensive secondary and they can’t stop the short passes over the middle.

If Harbaugh has done his homework this week, he will have Flacco throwing all kinds of slant’s and maybe a few long balls. The Ravens could blow out the Browns in this game. All they need to do is pressure Weeden and pick apart the Browns defense with over the middle passes and they could get their first win of the season.

If they can’t beat the Cleveland Browns in this game, they are in for a long season. The Ravens should walk away with this game.

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