Kinsler has had a career-long habit of alternating good years with mediocre ones–campaigns where his offensive totals aren’t commensurate with his true talent. THAT, and he gets injured fairly often. To me,  Ian has more natural talent than Dustin Pedroia–someone Ozzie Guillen, among others, considers the best clutch hitter among second basemen in the league, and one of the better pressure players at any position anywhere.

Ian SHOULD be a player like that more consistently but he hasn’t been. This season was shaping up as one of his good years. In time it may still be, but once again he’s injured. Personally I feel Jurickson Profar has a higher ceiling. I feel he has Roberto Alomar-type talent–with more power.


Back in the 80’s after hearing from local beat writers how much “potential” Byron Scott had, Pat Riley sat Byron down and said something to the effect of: “Yeah Byron, you’re good, but why not be great??”. I would ask the same question of Kinsler. Ian needs to string together GREAT seasons; he has the physical tools to do it in my opinion. But he’s going to be 31 years old soon. It remains to be seen if he’ll actually DO it…

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