Everybody has to be pleasantly surprised with the performance of  Terrelle Pryor for the Oakland Raiders.  No one could have figured the Raiders would have hung in the game against the Colts. People all over the country were thinking this was going to be a blow out.

That wasn’t the case, and the play of Terrelle Pryor is a huge reason why. Pryor did well in his first NFL start, given some time he is going to turn this Raiders team into a winner. That is what Pryor knows how to do, win. He is the kind of QB the Redskins had last season with RGIII.

Pryor threw for 217 yards, 2 interceptions and 1 touchdown. Given enough time to learn how to properly read NFL defenses he will stop throwing those Int’s. NFL defenses are a bit more complex than what he is used to and he will catch on quick because of his competitiveness.

Pryor ran the ball for 112 yards against a pretty good Indianapolis defense. He carried the ball 13 times and was Oakland’s leading rusher. It is time for the people in bay area to get behind Pryor and support their team. They haven’t had a quarterback that could bring this much excitement to that position in a long time.

Pryor is going to help the Raiders win football games. He almost had it  yesterday but the Raiders defense fell a little short. Give him some time……..

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  1. Steve O

    This was not Pryors first NFL start.

    • LG

      Ok my mistake, when was his other start?

      • Rod

        Chargers, last game of last yr. In San Diego…..only time we got into the end zone once in the Red zone consistently. Mark Davis pretty much over ruled DA to let TP start rather than sub par Linhardt


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