If today’s game were taking place under the rules in place 25 years ago, I’d just pick the Seahawks and be done with it. But with every few years new rule changes have made throwing the ball so painless it’s a detriment to be built solely on great defensive personnel and a strong running game. So a QB mismatch like the one in this upcoming game is scary near fatal flaw in the Seahawks armour.

That said, I find it fascinating that so many annalists poo poo Seattle’s offense in this match up. Simply putting 8 in the box to stop Lynch and daring Wilson to beat them is not likely to work in my opinion because the Bronco’s don’t have the horses to keep that up for 60 minutes (no pun intended – well maybe just a little pun).

Put it this way, if they could scrape together enough big plays on the Niner’s grizzly defense to win the game without Percy Harvin, they certainly can do the same against Denver’s ragged defense with him.

You’re planning to put 35 year old Champ Bailey on Harvin to shut him down all game???!- yeah good luck with that.

I don’t think some people have any idea how lethal a weapon he is because of the wretched QB’s Minnesota had the temerity to keep trotting out every year – and Harvin was not easy to deal with even then.

Only in his rookie season did he have top flight QB play (Farve). But the next year Farve was ready for the scrap heap, as was every other Viking QB since. Whatever you think of Russell Wilson, he’s better than any of that.

The Niner’s couldn’t get Seattle out of pounding the rock with Lynch even after going up on them by 2 scores and they made the Niner’s pay. What makes everyone so completely certain the Bronco’s will do any better? This is gonna be a hell of a game—one that I can see Seattle winning.


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  1. Bill Higel

    Don’t think they let it bother them too much!!!go hawks!!!


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