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Carl Sengstock

Tuesday at the Players Championship, went pretty much the same as Monday but there were spectators!

How the PGA Tour thinks it makes sense not having spectators on Monday is beyond my pay grade!

Everybody was out following their favorite players just as they would have Monday had they been allowed.

Poor Sergio Garcia…he was mobbed all day, heck you would have thought he had won the Masters or something.

He played with Jon Rahm and a couple other guys and he was Hitting the ball pure. Everyone was having problems on #17 but Sergio hit it stiff.

He HAD to have signed a thousand autographs today. I mean it was almost comical. Grown men running and stepping on each other like it was a gold rush or something.

One guy got inside the ropes and a plain clothes detective restrained him and moved him to where he was supposed to be. I thought he was taking the guy to jail the way the guy was talking to the detective.

Today was Armed Forces day and there is going to be a flyover, speeches from the tour commissioner Jay Monahan, some veterans, and then Graham McDowell is going to announce the talent who will entertain the troops and anybody else who shows up!

I have to tell you a funny story. My camerawoman and I took off to find Bubba Watson and JB Holmes before they got to the new number 12, the 302 yard drivable par 4.

JB says come on Bubba hurry up. Of course Bubba was purposely slow. He hits a 5 iron into the fairway.

JB says what are you doing? JB hits driver right on the green. Bubba just started walking. No clue why he didn’t try to hit it. Blew my mind!

Had a chance to sit thru Ricky Fowler’s press conference and he told us that we may be disappointed this week. He may hit irons off the tee on #12 all 4 rounds. Going to be interesting!

I hope the one who has the guts to go for it this week wins. I mean no guts no glory….right??

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