The Steerlers had high hopes of protecting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger better in the 2012 season, Mr. Rooney even talked about protection Ben in the off-season. They draft David DeCastro to help do that. Now DeCastro tears his MCL on a play pass blocking in the Steelers preseason game against the Buffalo Bills. DeCastro was pass blocking when Marcell Dareus rolled over him and DeCastor twisted his leg, that was all it took, you could see DeCastro was having problems as he laid in the end-zone.

The Steelers still don’t know the full extent of DeCastro’s injury. He will get a MRI today and the doctors will see if the injury is just limited to the MCL or if the ACL has been effected too. Either way DeCastro will miss at least half the season with his Steelers. If both the MCL and the ACL is tron he would miss the entire NFL season. Not the news the Pittsburgh Steelers were looking for coming into the regular season.

If memory serves me, Marcell Dareus is the same guy that knocked Browns Q.B. Colt McCoy out of the BCS Championship game back in 2010. You have to wonder if the new players agreement is hurting the players more than it is helping them. No 2 a days may be leaving the players in poor shape. I know these guys are in great shape anyway, but when this preseason started there were a ton of injuries around the NFL. Maybe the 2 a day practices got them more ready to do battle on the field. I just don’t remember a season where we have seen so many injuries before the season even started.

Lets hope David DeCastro can recover quickly and can get back to the Steelers offensive line.

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