This is one of the worse performances the Pittsburgh Steelers had in some time. The Steelers offense turned the football over to the Cleveland Browns 8 times. They fumbled the ball  10 times but recovered 2 of them. The Steelers also threw 2 interceptions. The Pittsburgh Steelers played sloppy football, there were times when Mike Tomlin was totally pissed off and he wanted to strangle his running backs. It was almost like the Steelers forgot how to take control of a football game. The Steelers went out in front early in the game when they intercepted a Brandon Weeden pass, they ran it into the end-zone and kicked the extra point.  Just like that, within minutes the Steelers had a 7-0 lead over the bad,bad 3-8 Cleveland Browns.

Then the wheels started to fall off the Pittsburgh offense, the Steelers couldn’t hold onto the football and every running back that wore the black and gold colors today fumbled the football. Think about how bad it is for a team like the Pittsburgh Steelers to fumble the football 120 times. The Cleveland Browns are not that good of a football team, they showed that today with 8 fumble recoveries and only 20 points. The Pittsburgh Steelers should have won this game easily against the 2-8 Cleveland Browns.

Pittsburgh played terrible football and they made a ton of mistakes, it is almost like they wanted the Cleveland Browns to win this football game. Even with Ben Roethlisberger and Leftwich out, the Steelers defense could have stopped the Browns and Brandon Weeden and taken control of the game. There is no way a NFL team can win a football game when they fumble the football 10 times and throw 2 interceptions. It is almost UN-heard of for a team to turn the football over this many times in one football game.

With today’s loss the Pittsburgh Steelers fall to 6-5 on the season. It is pathetic to see a team like the Pittsburgh Steelers loss the handle on the football that many times……


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