The Pittsburgh Steelers are not going to get back into the play-of picture in the NFL, if they’re not willing to spend money on quality free-agents. After meeting with Maurice Jones-Drew, for days, they couldn’t get a deal done with the running back.

Jone-Drew could have been an asset to the Steelers who could surely use a running back to help the team establish their running game. Pittsburgh is taking the cheap approach to the free agents available.

The Steelers won’t spend the money necessary to bring winning back to the Steelers. Jones-Drew is expected to come to terms with the Raiders today. This is a shame.

The Steelers can’t see the value in a guy like Jones-Drew. Pittsburgh is living in the past. The team refuses to pay top dollar to key players that can help the Steelers get back to winning and it is going to come back to haunt them.

It is time the Rooney’s woke up and smelled the coffee so to speak. The Rooney family has had a long history of not wanting to pay what players are worth, and over the past few season’s this attitude has hurt the team.

The Rooney family needs to get in touch with the times. If they can’t see what other teams are willing to spend, to bring in quality players, it is going to set the Steelers back a few more years.

The people in Pittsburgh deserve better, and until the Steelers spend some money, they are not going to get better.

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  1. Sherwoodwv

    I agree with the article for the most part. The Rooney’s have had a long history of not paying big bucks especially for free agents. Yet with 6 Super Bowls that speaks as to doing something right. That said, there are different Rooney’s running the show. Rooney’s that have been not willing to stand up to the current commissioner. Not taking a stand for there players. You would have heard more support from other owners coming to the defense of their family of players. That said and out of my system, MJD would have been the addition to put fear of our backfield in the heats if our competitors. My only concern is the health of MJD. He may have past the physical but is he healthy enough to last an NFL season anymore? Perhaps the insight the Steelers have that we don’t have. But for me, the current Roony’s do not instill confidence in me. I am very disappointed in how they have let the current commissioner walk all over our team because in my opinion, they are the meekest of the meek owners. Shame on the Rooney’s.

  2. MGH

    This is one of the most ridiculous posts I’ve ever seen. The Steelers are perhaps the most sucessful sports teams on the planet as well as one of the most well run. The Steelrrs are anything but cheap. The writer says they are living in the past assumably because they won’t pay top dollar to a talent like MJD. Really? Perhaps LG should ask the owner of the Redskins how that works out! The steelers have remained relavent and in the hunt for post season play for decades and will return to the playoffs quickly because of their philosophy, not in spite of it. To infer the thr Steers snd the Rooneys are somehow ” cheap ” when they are right up against the salary cap is moronic. I am so grateful that the Steelers are who they are, when so many franchises in so many sports can only dream of having the kind of success the Steelers have had, and will continue to have!

  3. Anonymous

    lg, you are an idiot

  4. T Furey

    If this poster did his homework he would know that the Steelers have the least cap room of any team in the NFL. The Rooneys are not cheap — given their consistent history of winning they actually seem pretty smart.

  5. Vincent Mcelroy

    This by far is the dumbest article I’ve ever seen! You don’t get to cap hell for not paying players! Also they are going to sign Blount today who is a way better fit with this team! Whoever bought you your first typewriter should be shot!

  6. Joe Boxer

    Whomever wrote this is an idiot!

    • MiniSteeler

      You know – we all have players that we like and wish we had – but this is way overboard. You – “Mr. LG” – would be better served wearing a Raider jersey. Most of us are very proud of the Steelers, the Rooney’s, and the entire management team!!!!

  7. Milliken Steeler

    I disagree. He is not the MJD of three years ago and he doesnt warrant that kind of risk.

    If they sign a bigger, quick, younger and more durable Blount for less money even? Ill be more than happy.

  8. Roosevelt

    The Steelers have done it Steelers way since 4ever & count them. .6 SB’s as a result. .I Love t the way they are handling things. Just have patience. Is a wonder other teams have not taken a page from the Steelers organization. Allow Attendees to be just that~ATTENDED

  9. Ja88ett

    The responses that called the author an idiot probably said it best with the least amount of words.

  10. Vincent Mcelroy

    Steelers just signed LeGarret Blount to a two year deal!
    Way better fit than MJ.D. !

  11. axel718

    The Rooneys have a history of NOT overpaying for players. They are NOT cheap by any stretch of the imagination. If they were cheap then explain how the Steelers have no cap room??? Also look at MJD’s history the past 3 years, he has spent more time on the bench with injuries then actually playing in games. Why are earth would any team pay $4 mil a year to have a player sit on the sideline. Please do not confuse the Raiders with any logical free agent signings. They let their pro bowl left tackle walk in free agency only to sign his replacement (Saffold) to more money than the pro bowler wanted. Saffold was more suited to play guard and not tackle. Of course in typical Raider wisdom, Saffold failed his physical and went back to the Rams……hey a whole lot of sense going on in Oakland.

  12. Joeybaggadonuts

    Obviously your cranium is engaged so far up your rectum you can taste your hair gel. If you notice the NFL tends to be cyclical. The Steeler model limits the length and depth of the low cycle while at the same time collecting several pieces of hardware. While they don’t make a lot of splash signings the tend to fill in some holes as evidenced by the recent signings of MM, LM & LB.

  13. TerryP

    MJD hasnt been a top running back in atleast 4 years. When was the last time he was mentioned as a game changer. The pick up in Legaurette Blount is a MAJOR upgrade to our RB depth. MJD is not our style of football point black period. The Steelers let him walk out with signing for a reason…plus that 3.5 mill he wanted is ridiculous.

  14. Anonymous

    Really because it seems like they’ve spent some money this off season. Figure it out .

  15. Fred johnson

    I think this is the busyest the steelers have been in the off Season in a long time, not signing MDJ was a good thing, Belle will be a much better RB then him .

    • LG

      They need to be busy to get back to the Pittsburgh Steelers that dominate the AFC North


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