The Pittsburgh Steelers must have had a case of deja vu last night when they saw the Kansas City Chiefs sacking this quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. After all it was the Chiefs pass rush that almost killed Roethlisberger and knocked him out for almost half a season a year earlier.

Pittsburgh played the Chiefs last night and they saw the Chiefs continue to bring pressure to their quarterbacks. The Chiefs would get to big Ben twice and they were able to sack back-up quarterback Bruce Gradkowski 3 times.

It shows the Pittsburgh Steelers still have improvements to be made to their offensive line. Protecting Roethlisberger is a top priority that the Steelers need to address before the season starts. Somehow they have to protect Roehtlisberger to give him time to complete passes.

The Steelers haven’t won a game yet this preseason and they are struggling coming into the regular season. The team has a couple of weeks left to figure out how to protect Ben this season. With the offense the team is trying to run and without a capable back up in the case Roethlisberger goes down, it should be a concern to the Steelers.

Pittsburgh did some things well in the game against the Chiefs. They lost the game but showed they could get the ball into the end zone. Both Steelers quarterback were able to lead drives that pu the ball in the end zone.

If they expect to have a successful season they need to protect their quarterbacks and they need to do it early on in the games.


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