The Pittsburgh Steelers look bad this preseason. They have lost their second game of the season and they don’t look like they are playing very good football. The second problem is they don’t have a guy to back up Ben Roethlisberger.

If Big Ben goes down with an injury, the team is going to be in trouble. Both back ups looked terrible in the team’s second preseason game. Landry Jones completed only 9 of the 22 passes he threw and Bruce Gradkowski completed only 5 of the 9 passes he threw.

That’s a far cry from the 5 of 6 passes big Ben completed. The Steelers made a lot of changes in the off-season and they don’t look like they are working. The defense is dragging and they couldn’t stop the Redskins with their back-up quarterbacks.

The Pittsburgh defense gave up 146 rushing yards in the game. This isn’t the Steel curtain defense we have seen in the past. Yes it is preseason and the games mean nothing. But the Steelers look bad and the season starts in a couple of weeks.

The team needs to come together before the regular season starts and they better find a way to play like a team. The offensive line looks like they are going to have problems protecting the QB again this season.

It is a good thing Roethlisberger comes into the 2013 season in the best shape of his career. He is going to need it if he can’t get some protection.

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