Losing wide receiver Plaxico Burress before the season starts is the best thing that could have happened to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Don’t take that statement the wrong way, what I mean is there is plenty of time to find his replacement. The season starts in about a month and if they would started with Burress and then the injury the team would have had trouble.

With the injury taking place this far away from the start of the season the team can look at other options. One option the team should consider is Randy Moss The guy could really help Big Ben and the Steelers offense. While it is a terrible thing the way that Burress’s season came to an end, it could be a good thing it happened now.

The team should really take a look at Moss. He is one of the best receivers the NFL has ever seen. He is still quick and he is at the very least as quick as Burress. The Steelers should go out and get Moss and they should do it now. Bring him into camp and see how he does.

If it works out he will bring a new level of excitement to Steelers football. Moss is a bit older than the 35-year-old Burress but it is still reported that he runs a 4.25 40. Moss could be just what Pittsburgh needs this season.

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  1. Bobby Croom

    the Steelers signing Randy Moss would be a no brainer that guy can still play and he would be a dangerous weapon for Ben Roethlisberger


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