It should be official now, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the team you are used to seeing dominate in the AFC North no longer exist. The Steelers are standing by worried about adjusting the teams salary cap as they watch the teams play makers walk out the door in free agency.

First it was the cut of James Harrison, today it was the signing of wide receiver Mike Wallace in free agency to the Miami Dolphins. Soon it may be Ben Roethlisbrger standing all alone on the 50 yard line in the stadium with no one to complete a pass to.

What are the Steelers thinking? Why did Roethlisberger even bother to renegotiate his deal? The team is being dismantled piece by piece. I can understand why they cut Harrison. The guy was 35-years-old and had his share of injuries in 2012, but to let Wallace walk out the door and not even try to keep a guy who can be a play maker on the team is just crazy.

With the way the Steelers are doing things these days maybe it is time for the Rooney’s to consider selling the team. Is is almost as though they have lost tough with the way things are done in the NFL today.

The Steelers ownership is not considering just how far back the team is headed with the moves they made over the last week. It could be years before the Pittsburgh Steelers are dominating the AFC North the way they once did.

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  1. jeffery

    I think the steelers still will be contenders.They can get another playmaking reciever. James Harrison leaving will not hurt the defense.


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