The Eagles went into Cleveland and had to be surprised when they saw Browns rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden march his Browns down to the 2 yard line with a combination of three great pass plays and the Browns running game. Then the Eagles defense switched gears. They started to apply the pressure that would disrupt Weeden and his Browns from their game plan. The Eagles defense would cause Brandon Weeden to fumble the football a couple of times and the Eagles would have the short field to get into the end-zone and out points on the board that would led the Eagles to a victory over the Browns.

It was the pressure of the Philadelphia pass rush that changed the outcome of the game. They got to Weeden and recorded 3 sacks for 25 yards and they got to Colt McCoy 2 times for 11 yards. The rush led by Frank Trotter and Brandon Graham would be more than the Cleveland Browns offensive line cold handle. The Eagles will return to Cleveland in the first week of the regular season. If the Eagles come out and pressure the rookie quarterback like they did in this preseason game, it should be an easy win for Philadelphia. The Browns didn’t have a solution to the Eagles pass rush and it would be amazing if they find one before the regular season starts….



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