The Philadelphia Eagles continue preparing the team for the 2014 NFL season. They gave in and sign Maclin to the one year deal he asked for. Maclin’s deal is worth 6 million dollars and includes 3.5 million in guaranteed money.

The team is making progress and you can see the players who are excited to return to the team this season getting these deals done.

The Philadelphia Eagles should be a play off contender this season and the players signing their deals know that. Chip Kelly did a great job with the team in his rookie season and you have to wonder what’s in store for the team this season.

The team was able to sign Cooper first and he had no problem saying he wanted Maclin back. It seems like the Eagles listened to what Copper had to say, because they gave in and gave Maclin a one year deal even though they wanted to sign him to a long-term deal.

Maclin had a decent 2012 season. It is hopeful he can come back this season and produce the way he did in 2012. The Eagles will be the team in the NFC to watch this year.

There should be no doubt about who Kelly will start at QB, and this will help the team stay focused coming into camp this season. If Maclin stays healthy and Cooper does what he did last season, the Eagles are going to be a tough team to beat.



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