The Philadelphia Eagles have been busy passing out large sums of money over the past few days. The team is getting it done to be prepared for a play off run in 2014. Chip Kelly and his staff are resigning the guys who can help the team make a play-off run this season.

Resigning Cooper was huge,he is one of the teams best offensive weapons and he certainly is an impact player in the NFL. Now with the deal they gave C Jason Kelce, the teams offensive line is going to stay intact.

This is a huge deal worth 37.5 million dollars for 6 years. 13 million of the money is guaranteed. Kelly knows what he needs to continue his success in the NFL and the Eagles front office is not wasting time getting things done this off-season.

The Eagles are still trying to sign Jeremy Maclin to a multi year deal and he only wants to sign a one year deal. Cooper really wants to see Maclin back.

If the Eagles and Maclin can come to terms, this offense will continue to be a force to deal with. Philadelphia should find a way to compromise with Maclin and get something done before this weekend.

If they can’t Maclin could be lost to free agency. The Eagles have got things done with others, I see no reason they can’t get a deal done with Maclin.

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