The 3-3 Philadelphia Eagles are favored by 3 points over the 3-3 Dallas Cowboys. This has to be the effect of Nick Foles starting for Kelly’s Eagles. It isn’t often that a back-up quarterback gets this kind of respect.

This show us that the Eagles don’t skip a beat with Foles in the game. If the Eagles can win, Kelly will see his team at the top of the NFC east in first place. Not a bad start to his rookie season as a head coach in the NFL.

Many didn’t think Kelly had what it took bringing his offensive style to the NFL. Kelly has been somewhat successful this far. The Eagles defense has to help Foles out this week, we all know Romo can open an offensive attack of his own.

The Eagles defense has to bring the pressure to Romo and force him to make mistakes. Romo is a guy that can make some mistakes with the game on the line. If Foles gets the help he needs from the Eagles defense they could beat the Cowboys by far more than 3 points.

Foles brings an accurate passing attack to the Eagles offense, some think he is a better quarterback than Vick and I agree. Foles can take apart the Dallas secondary and he can lead his offense on some drives that will leave the Cowboys wondering what just happened.

If the Eagles play the Cowboys the way the team is capable of playing, I can see them coming away from this game with their 4th win of the season. Foles will have a big game come Sunday.


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