By Larry GLicken

The Green Bay Packers looked like a team that had some extra motivation against the Bears. The defense took it to Cutler and sacked him 7 times in a game where the defense for the Packers looked unstoppable. Clay Matthews alone had 3-1/2 sacks, that is a team total in most games and he did it by himself. The Packers coming off  the loss to the 49er on only three days rest weren’t going to take the chance of Cutler getting hit, the defense cooled him right down and they did it fast. Not only did they sack him 7 times they intercepted him 4 times including a pair to Tramon Williams .

The Green Bay Packers pulled out all the stops in this one, they had a fake field goal that scored a touchdown. In the second quarter the Packers would line up for a field goal when punter Tim Masthay flipped the ball to backup tight end Tom Crabtree, who streaked into the end zone. The play was executed so well even Aaron Rodgers was faked out. When he talked about the play he said, “I saw Crabby running out the back side, I couldn’t believe it,” Rodgers said. “That’s a gutsy call. A gutsy call. You’ve got to score on that.”

Aaron Rodgers and his offense had a tough night, Rodgers got roughed up, too, getting sacked five times. Green Bay got a scare when the NFL MVP appeared to hurt his right arm early in the game, but he stayed in. Rodgers went 22 of 32 for 219 yards with a touchdown and an interception.

Cutler didn’t know what hit him in this game, Earlier in the week, a confident Cutler wished the Packers’ defensive backs “good luck” in trying to match up physically with a new-look wide receiver corps led by Marshall. Stalked by Williams for much of the night, Marshall didn’t see much of the ball. And he couldn’t convert his one big opportunity, dropping a potential touchdown in the third quarter. I guess Cutler learned the hard way to keep hi mouth shut next time.

The Bears beat the Colts in their opener, I guess Cutler didn’t realize the Colts didn’t win many games last season. He must of thought he beat the Colts of old. The Packers played a great defensive game and this is one game Cutler could be feeling for a while. He took one heck of a beating from the Packers defense as they took the game from Chicago 23-10.


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