The Baltimore Orioles are playing their best baseball now, in the month of September is when it really counts. It counts even more when you are playing the team you are trying to catch to take over the top spot in the A.L. East. That is exactly whet the Baltimore Orioles were able to do, they chase down the men in pen stripes and now share the top spot in the A.L. East with the New York Yankees. The Orioles beat the Yankees 10-6 and they have 3 more opportunities to beat them coming up. Last night the Orioles offense was unstoppable, they pounded the Yankees pitching for 11 hits and 10 runs.

When the Orioles pounded 3 home runs in the 8th the Yankees knew the game was just about over for them. Adam Jones,Mark Reynolds and Chris Davis made it look like they were taking batting practice in the 8th inning against the Yankees pitching. David Robertson couldn’t do anything right as he watched his pitches sailing out of the park. Tonight the Orioles will face PHIL HUGHES who will be starting for the Yankees, we will see how long he can last against the powerful offense the Orioles have had lately.

WEI-YIN CHEN will get the start for the Orioles.

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