Chip Kelly knew it was going to be tough coming into the NFL with his offensive system. The last thing he needs is a guy like DeSeason Jackson running his mouth about naming the starting quarterback before camp even gets under way.

You would think a guy like Jackson would realize Kelly is under enough pressure. The guy has been on the Eagles since 2008. He knows that starting a quarterback controversy isn’t going to produce anything positive in Kelly’s rookie season. The guy should just keep his mouth shut.

The Eagles have more than enough to worry about right now. There is now reason the team can’t function without knowing who the starting quarterback is until the last preseason game is played. Philadelphia has a ton of work to do this season and they don’t need Jackson running his mouth.

Chip Kelly has to be less than thrilled with the fact that one of his wide receivers is already second guessing the way he wants to do things in Philadelphia. If I were Kelly, I would be having a sit down with Jackson and I would do it soon.

If Jackson is the receiver he thinks he is it shouldn’t matter who is throwing the ball to him. He should be the leader the team needs and get his butt into camp come late July and inspire others to work together as a team.

The Eagles are going to need team work to turn things around after last season. What they don’t need is Jackson out there running his mouth……




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