The Oakland Athletics came back to win a game against the high-priced Detroit Tigers taking game 3 2-0. The Athletics had some great pitching from Brett Anderson,Ryan Cook,Sean Doolittle and Grant Balfour getting through game 3 without letting the Tigers power hitters to score a run. It is this kine of effort that is going to enable the Athletics to beat the Tigers in this series. The question now becomes can the Athletics repeat this kind of performance in 2 more games? That is what it is going to take for Oakland to more on in the Play-offs

The Tigers have some great hitters they pay large sums of money to. If the A’s can continue to play like they were able to play in game 3 then there is a chance they can win 2 more games to move on. It only takes one mistake to let the Tigers back into the game. Detroit had some trouble finding their way to a division title this year and they have played some great baseball when it really matters. The Oakland Athletics have to dig deep and keep the pressure on the Detroit hitters if they want to move on. They have to win 2 more games and that is a tall task when facing the Detroit pitching staff and their lineup of hitters. They did it in game 3 so it is possible..

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