The Detroit Tigers continue to lose games in the ninth inning, Octavio Dotel came into the game and gave up three runs to the Mariners to lose the game for the Tigers. Not exactly what Detroit Manager had in mind. The Tigers are playing .500 baseball. Not very good for a team that dumped a ton of money onto their roster. The Tigers had the lead when Dotel came into the game. He couldn’t get it done and that has been the Tiger story of late.

The Tigers high-powered offense was also held in check by Seattle, the Tigers were held scoreless from the fifth inning on. Miguel Cabrera would go hit-less in four at bats. Delmon Young would also go hit-less in his four at bats. The Tigers are certainly having a tough time lately. Alex Avila would also go hit-less, that is 0 for 12 with those three guys going hit-less in a one run game. The Tigers are going to have to regroup to get their offense going. The other end of the spectrum is the Detroit bull pen, they are going to have to settle down the closer spot on their roster and make some moves to get some one in the spot that can get the job done.


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  1. hcraig

    Blame Dotel for not being to throw strikes. But whats with the camera shot of manager Leyland froze on the dugout steps unable to yank a pitcher who cant hit the broadside of the barn. At two walks any body had a better chance to throw strikes. Then after wild pitches and a fat pitch across the plate which was blasted the manager makes a move?? Shame on them for losing Fisters Gem!!

  2. h craig

    Fisters gem was lost not only by Dotel but Leylands indecision to yank a wild pitcher after no strikes and numerous wild pitches. Come on manager move forward off the dugout step when there is still a chance to win!! Hoping isnt managing!

  3. Randy Mayes

    Leyland should be ashamed of himself for blowing that win for Fister.


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