The NFL has asked a judge to throw out the law suit filled by thousand of NFL players. The NFL is trying to deny they knew anything about the long term effects of Concussions. On Thursday the NFL field a motion asking a US judge to shut down the case. The NFL is trying to say this is a labor dispute and shouldn’t be in the courts. The players accuse the NFL of negligence and say league officials concealed known medical links between concussions and brain injuries, leading many of them to suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, or be at an increased risk of reckless or suicidal behavior.

In a motion to dismiss the suits filed late Thursday, the NFL argues that the collective bargaining agreement covers safety and health rules – while delegating to each team decisions about a player’s condition and when they should return to play. And the league said the suits lack any specific proof of concealment. Imagine that. Roger Goodell has his hands full this season, from replacement refs to the giant law suit filled by thousands of former players, he really should have time to suspend so many players, but he does.

It is going to be interesting if the judge rules in favor of the NFL. There are a lot of people who insist the players knew the risks of playing football, they say injuries are part of the game. Some think the former players are out of money and that is why these guys filled the suit in the first place. They don’t know there are guys involved in the suit that are still making a ton of cash. If Goodell can get this suit thrown out it will be a major victory for the NFL….

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