The NFL issued a fine to Ndamukong Suh for his hit on Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden. If you look at the film and watch the hit, you would agree the NFL is ruining the game of football. There was nothing wrong with the hit Suh put on Weeden.

Had Suh hit Michael Vick, we wouldn’t even be hearing about it. This is just one more example of how Goddell’s prejudice against the black man is coming out. Goodell fines the black NFL players at a much higher rate than whites.

How dare Suh do his job and hit a white quarterback, especially a wimp like Brandon Weeden. There was no flag on the play and Suh did nothing wrong. He should file a law suit against the NFL for a hate crime.

It is becoming clear, Goodell hates Suh. Suh did a great job against the Browns playing a clean game. He did nothing wrong and this is the thanks the NFL gives him. We wrote an article last weekend about how the NFL assigns fines against the black players at a higher rate than the white players.

This isn’t right. The NFL is taking money away from Suh for nothing other than the fact he is black. If I am Suh, I hire a lawyer and file a law suit against the NFL naming Goodell as the lead party. His hate for Suh couldn’t be anymore obvious.

I could understand if Suh pulls something dirty in the game, but the hit on Weeden was just football, nothing more and nothing less. As further proof of how unfair the fines in the NFL are read out last article about last weeks fines.



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  1. Dan R

    No need to pull the race card – this is simply singling out a player. NOT FAIR Goddell

    • LG

      If you reference the link to last weeks fines against the Bills you would see the NFL didn’t fine the white guy who hit Hoyer helmet to helmet a lot worse than anything Suh did here. But the 2 black players from the Bills were fined. I am white FYI.

    • tf

      I agree, no need to pull the race card. Goodell is just a dick.


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