The San Fransisco head coach Jim Harbaugh received a Stern warning from the NFL. It appears Harbaugh may have given the officials in the 49ers game a piece of his mind the league didn’t care for. The problem is getting so out of hand that the NFL reached out to all 32 NFL teams owners and general managers. The league says the way Harbaugh talked to the officials was unacceptable to the league office. The funny thing is this is football, not some powder puff sport. Harbaugh is a gladiator out there on the side lines. There is no other coach in the NFL that gets more psyched than Jim Harbaugh when it is game time.

The way Harbaugh reacts in game day carries over to his players, the guys that play for the San Fransisco 49ers have the utmost respect for their head coach and you can see that in the way the team plays. Harbaugh has done a great job since taking over the head coaching position for the 49ers. HE had his team just a few plays short of a super bowl appearance last season.

It is highly unlikely that Jim Harbaugh is going to change his coaching style to fit into the mold the NFL is trying to cast. The NFL needs to back off a bit and let guys like Jim Harbaugh do their jobs. The guy produces great football and the fans that are paying to see NFL games really appreciate the way Harbaugh gets things done. The NFL should back of and keep their mouths shut, Roger Goodell is starting to hurt the game. There is only so much you can do to change the way they play in the NFL and people like Roger Goodell are pushing the envelope to the edge. If he had his way they wouldn’t be playing football the way they have played it since the inception of the NFL.

Perhaps the NFL better find a way to deal with the referees and end the lock out. There are wide receivers being mugged as they run their routes, the replacements that are officiating these games aren’t making those calls.  To think for one minute a guy like Jim Harbaugh is going to stand on the side lines and keep his mouth shut, you have to be out of your freaking mind.

This is football, there are emotions used when you have 22 guys running up and down the field. For a head coach to stand on the side lines and keep all of his emotions in check is ridiculous. Maybe they ought to be drug testing the guys in the corporate offices inside the NFL. They have to be on something to think for one minute a guy that coaches the way Jim Harbaugh does is going to keep his mouth shut.

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