Tom Brady and the New England Patriots were facing their 4th loss of the season until the NFL Refs decided to give Belichick’s team the hand they needed to get past the 4-8 Cleveland Browns.

Mysteriously enough the officiating crew made a pass interference call in the end zone appear out of thin air. The Patriots were richly rewarded with the ball on the 1 yard line and were finally in control of their own destiny for the first time in 58 minutes of football.

The result, a Patriots touchdown. The help they received from the refs enabled the Patriots then pull off an on side kick that would ultimately let them take the lead in the game with only seconds left in regulation.

The bogus pass interference call wasn’t the only help Brady and his Patriots received during the game. The officials threw a flag for intentional grounding against Cleveland QB Jason Campbell, when he was clearly outside of the tackle box and his intended receiver was clearly in the line of sight of the pass Campbell threw.

This game should have not been decided by poor officiating. Brady and the Patriots have been the NFL’s chosen team for almost a decade now. I am not taking anything away from Brady or the Patriots.

They are and have been one of the best teams in the NFL for years. However, they caught a huge break in this game, and they shouldn’t have been given an early Christmas present by the refs.

The Patriots didn’t deserve to win this game and anyone who watches the film can see how bad the refs blew the call.



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  1. B.t. Rambeau

    by all means today’s game reminded me of an old episode of “The X-files”..where the character who decides what happens on a daily basis..was asked near the end of an episode I was watch..”so whos going to win The Super Bowl this time?..Bills or the Cowboys? which he stated “the Cowboys..the Bills will never win a Super Bowl”..puffs on his cigarette and the show ends. Today’s game had all the signs of someone else making the “calls” which screwed a very strong outing, and taking away a very winnable game from the Browns..shame, isn’t it?

  2. Cleveland sucks

    This is rich!
    Cleveland is a terrible city with terrible sports franchises, and your salty tears are hilarious considering you might actually want to lose because you’ll probably draft another bust in the first round if you have a lower draft pick!

    • Virgil

      F’ off you Troll.

    • Anonymous

      Get the fxxk out of here, if you actually watched the game then you wouldve seen the bullshit first hand. Or are you one of those Anti-Cleveland Anything fxxs that couldnt handle the fact that the once great Patriots lost to the generally bad Browns?

    • Anonymous

      Bite it jackweed!

    • Anonymous

      have you ever been? i was just at the CMA MIX event on Friday. Then to a gallery opening on the West Side. Booming. Your comment makes you look like another ingnorant basher.

    • Anonymous

      Stop drinking for one minute. Now any sober person has to wonder about the awful calls in the 4th quarter.

    • MiMi

      Seriously, did you even watch the game you axx!?

  3. Stephen Jochum

    Let’s not be naive about this. The refs were not going to let the Browns win. Haslam will have to pay them off to get a few more wins. The fix was in.


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