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Look. You’re making a skyscraper out of a teepee (and missing the point). You correctly observed that your listeners would have taken you over the coals for comparing Alex Rodriguez to Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Lou Gehrig or Roberto Clemente—players who never got pitch-hit for by their coaches in tight situations—certainly not during their primes. But at 37 years (and who knows how many injuries) old, A-Rod—presumably no longer on performance enhancers—isn’t even A-ROD anymore, get it?


With that in mind, the  surprise you’ve expressed over Ghirardi’s decision to bat Ibanez in A-Rod’s place last night is a bit puzzling. As you stated yourself, Alex is no longer the player who’s going to jack 40 homers and hit .330 anymore. And the fact that he can no longer get around on mediocre 90 mph fastballs–ESPECIALLY IN CLUTCH SITUATIONS—is its own answer as to why he was pulled by his manager in a situation he used to fare better in. Come to think of it, dude, I may have misspoken even there: if you’ll recall, 2009 was the only post-season in his entire career when A-Rod actually looked monstrous with runners in scoring position in contests where the game was still in the balance. Every other post season beside that one he hit like Mike Sadek…and the disappearing act against tough competition with RISP was often true during most regular seasons as well, come to think of it

‘Nuf said, Fred


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